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5 Tips to Protect Leather Boots

Purchase of your long awaited leather boots are done. Now that you have received this leather boots. But you are a bit concern on how to get it taken care of. How to make it as shiny and as new, even though after going through the rough wearing.

Listed are 5 tips in taking care of your leather boots


To lower the chance of discoloration, polish it regularly. Doing so, there will be always  be a thin layer  of  of protection for your leather boots, when you venture out to bad weather.

For those old leather shoes, with the polish effect, it will bring new life to it.

Meltonian Shoe Polish comes with different tones of cream from Neutral to Dark Brown. For Neutral cream it is good to apply for any leather shoes. But if shoes have scratches, it will be good to get the proper color to disguise the scratches.


Before you start to wear your new boots, bring it to cobbler to place additional rubber sole at the bottom. Tis will add additional traction as well as protection. Putting on the protection, will further prolong your favorite boots.

Drying wet leather

When you caught in any sudden downpour, immediately, when you reach home, stuff your shoes with newspaper to soak up the moisture. Place them at a well-ventilated area. Let the leather to dry naturally. Once, it is fully dry and clean, apply a layer of polish wax to restore the texture.

Do not pick up hair dryer or place them near a heater, as this will make the leather to crack and brittle.


To remove dirt from your daily wearing, use a dry cloth to wipe gently the dirt and dust. Then dampen the cloth with warm water and wipe again. Place it at a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources after cleaning.


To maintain a healthy leather look on your boots, it is recommended to apply a layer of protection. Weekly or fortnightly are recommended. After polish leave it at a well-ventilated area.

A layer of wax is always better than nothing. Get further information and shop on leather protector.

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Buying Tips On Work Boots

Buying Tips On Work Boots

When shopping and searching for industrial or work boots, it is essential to put the hat of a safety engineer as it is critical in ensuring your safety as well as your workers. Safe work place will translate towards productivity and profitability.

Below are some simple tips to remember when shopping for your new pair of work boots:

  • Conduct your own research and understand your work environment around you and your personal needs. Do your own research on the type of work boots in the market.
  • As you will be working for eight or more hours a day, it is important to get a comfortable work boots. Some are designed to support your ankle and movement of your foot as to enhance stability, flexibility and comfort. Aside the safety features, some industrial boots have additional padding internally for support that lasts all day.
  • With the present technology, some work boots are very strong and light. You may not want to drag your feet along for eight hours with the heavy work boots, don’t you?
  • Always test your boots with a pair of socks as to better understand how your boots might fit in.
  • If you are in the heavy industry, it’s a must to have work boots with steel toe protector.
  • Slip resistant rubber sole is equally important for slippery work place. Thicker sole would surely help to protect your feet from sharp objects.
  • Look out for waterproofing work boots as to keep your feet dry, when in wet and cold weather.
  • Some manufacturers will define certain weight of thermal insulation. The thicker the insulation, the warmer it will be. Of course, it be a bit heavier.

Click on here for various type of safety boots and how it fits to your feet and budget.

That’s it! Hope this helps and do practice work safety in your work place.


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Getting The Right Hiking Boots

Enjoying your trail along tough terrain and breathing fresh air along your way towards the top of the hill is always a trip to be remembered. Pushing yourself, be it on the tough terrain or casual hike, and getting the right hiking boots is equally important to protect your feet and your safety.

When getting your hiking boots, either short or long trip adventure to the wilderness, you will need different types of boots to accompany you.

Casual hike for Day trip

  • Get the low cut design  which is more comfortable and more suited for casual hike along the woods.
  • Light weighted boots with synthetic material.
  • Look out for waterproofing as to keep your feet dry.

Medium trip for 2-3 days trip

  • Look for the medium cut boots design that is good for those who wish to go for less than 3 days hike.
  • Ankle support and comfortable sole for tough terrain hike.
  • Weigh a bit more than the low cut boots.
  • Waterproofing boots.

Longer trip

  • Recommend to go for a more protective and comfortable type. Look for those having a high cut boots.
  • Heavier than others but it’s designed for harsh weather and tough terrain.
  • Protective support will reach almost till your knees for full protection.
  • Get a waterproof boots as you may face a challenging weather and terrain or muddy places.

Choosing between Leather or Synthetic?

  • Leather boots are more durable and expensive compare with synthetic. Worth buying if you are looking towards a long term interest in hiking and tougher hiking adventures. The downside of leather material is that it is not so breathable as the synthetic and hence, your feet may get a bit warm inside. Dry them up in open space but not direct under the sun.
  • Synthetic material is lightweight and is typically for casual hike. Cost in cheaper compare with leather and may not be as durable.

When buying any boots, always try out with a pair of socks as you would not like to end up having uncomfortable boots and blisters along your hiking trip. After purchase, try out with a short trial hike as to get comfortable with your boots before the actual long trip.

Be mindful to get a spare hiking boots along your long trip as you would not want to be in barefooted, in case there is any unforeseen circumstances. A cheaper spare hiking boots would be grateful to protect your feet.

Depends on your hike duration, budget and preference, it is always worth to spend a little extra on quality boots, considering the unpredictable weather in the woods.

Pick the right hiking boots for a memorable hike for protection and safety.

Protect your feet and enjoy the moment with the mother nature. Cheers

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3 Tips To Choose Winter Boots

Winter boots are designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable in the cold weather. When choosing winter boots, it is important to understand the conditions and weather of the place that you are going to visit. Places where, historically, have deep snow, it is recommended to have a knee high boots as to prevent snow from penetrating through the upper part of the boot.

There are three main points outlined below, which I think is important on how to choose a good winter boots.


Imagine having to spend entire winter day outdoors and the need to keep your feet warm and comfortable! A good winter boots will always keep your feet warm and well insulated. Insulation layer will varies with different thickness and gram but in short, the warmer the boots, the thicker and heavier the insulation is. For long hours of outdoor activities, it is recommended to have a thicker base as to prevent the bitterly cold temperature.

Again, it depends on individual preference, the place you are staying or visiting and the expected outdoor activities.

Water-resistant and Waterproof

Keeping your feet warm and dry is important in cold conditions. Waterproof boots tends to be less stylish as the main focus is to prevent water from entering. It depends on the objective of your purchase, but if it is meant for outdoor farm work, you wouldn’t mind the look of it. Waterproof linings with breathable linings at some boots will keep your feet dry and able to allow sweat vapor to escape.

Slip Resistance

Slipping on snow could cause a serious injury and one, should take this seriously as it may injured your back bone and head. When sourcing for winter boots, lookout for threaded rubber soles and some may have lugs included, that prevent buildup of snow at the bottom of the boot.

When getting your winter boots, it is important to test out with a proper socks as you would not want to end up, feeling uncomfortable with the boots, in the cold season, would you? Click here to look for your favorite boots.

Happy shopping and cheers.

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